Adhesive Needle Throat Plate Markings 5 PK

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These guides are laser printed onto a clear, matte finish sticker. The markings are as follows and represent 1/8 inch increments.

2 (2/8 =1/4")   3 (3/8")   4 (4/8 = 1/2")  5/8 (5/8")  6 (6/8= 3/4") 7 ( 7/8") 8 (8/8= 1" )

To install:

  1. Remove the needle plate from your machine (can be done with it still on the machine, but this makes it easier) and remove all oil and anyresidue from the plate. 
  2. Peel off just a small portion of the backing up to about the 3/8" mark. Line up the cross hairs and tiny circle on the adhesive markings with the needle hole and place on the plate.
    3. With the left portion of the sticker lined up and attached, peel away the remaining backing and apply.  Trim off any excess. Re-install needle plate.

Sew-Classic EXCLUSIVE! Sold in a set of five (5) adhesive markings

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