Electric cord wire by the foot 18/2 AWG SPT-1 *

Electric cord wire by the foot 18/2 AWG SPT-1 *
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  • Item #: SCE18/2-SPT1
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(UL) 18/2 AWG 2 conductor copper wire with the SPT-1 jacket- BLACK

Rated for up top 300 volts 10 amps.

This wire can easily be separated into two separate wires for re-wiring motors. If you wish to color code the wires, just add a bit of colored electrical tape or shrink wrap to the end.

This is the exact same wire as the 18/2 SPT-2 wire, EXCEPT that it has a thinner jacket (outer covering). 

For optimum abrasion resistance in an 18 gauge wire, use SPT-2.    When you want a 18 GA wire with a smaller diameter, and abrasion resistance is not an important factor, use the SPT-1 version.

Annealed, bunch stranded copper per UL 62

Polyvinylchoride (PVC) per UL 62

Jacket Features:

Resist Oils, Water, Acids, Alkalies, Ozone

SOLD BY THE FOOT  *15% retocking fee on cut cord*

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